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RepliesReplies to your comment on Clay Smith‘s postView postErik RymerGood for the people who like all twenty. I like maybe two of them. Maybe. I’d vote for maybe six of them. 

Good for those people who would vote for all TWENTY. But don’t fucking pretend like any of us have to vote for the others or Trump. I’m not giving my vote to trash anymore.220 minsLikeMoreClay SmithWell, feel free to bury your head in the sand then because a Presidential race is usually between two people. I don’t know about you but I’m worried about Trump’s court picks (all selected by the Heritage Foundation) if he gets four more years. That alone should stir most people.18 minsLikeMoreErik RymerClay Smith I think I just said that to you regarding burying your head in the sand.17 minsLikeMoreErik RymerI worry every bit as bad about Hillary’s and bidens court picks because they’re not. Fucking. Left. Leaning. But please keep talking to your echo chamber and ignore everybody else16 minsLikeMoreErik RymerDon’t forget to call people bot this and bot that and victims of Russian propaganda or whatever else you need to not listen and feel good about it16 minsLikeMoreClay SmithSorry, I’m not as paranoid as you are. I don’t believe they’d be selecting from Heritage Foundation picks. I don’t think you’re a “bot” I think you’re a dude with his head in the dirt, that’s all.115 minsHahaMoreErik RymerClay Smith paranoid? Lol

Enjoy the look feel and taste of your head in the sand dirt anus.13 minsLikeMoreErik RymerBlind as fuck if you think Hillary would have been any better or worse than Trump. Biden maybe by a tiny margin, better, but not by much. 

Fuck that. We can do better. We should do better. Pay attention god damnit112 minsLikeMoreClay SmithAnd you’re dumb as fuck if you’re trying to compare Trump to Hillary.12 minsLikeMoreClay SmithAnd I hesitate to use the word “dumb,” it might be an upgrade.11 minsLikeMoreErik RymerYeah. So we think each other are as blind and ignorant as they come.19 minsLikeMoreClay SmithBut only one of us is right. 

😉19 minsHahaMoreErik RymerYou probably still think they’re employed by the voters, too. Hmm?19 minsLikeMoreErik RymerI know that’s a fact. One of us is absolutely right.19 minsLikeMoreClay SmithNot at all, I do believe corporate influence is disproportionate, but what I can’t do is dumbly make false equivalencies to prove my point. Logic problems…7 minsLikeMoreErik RymerLook at me, I went on the tv circuit in the 90s selling DOMA to the voters, 00s talking mad shit about gay marriage going for NY, and early 2010s as SOS still talking shit about gay marriage

But naw it’s 2014 now and magically I’m LGBTs best friends

Get the fuck out of here7 minsLikeMoreErik RymerLogic, indeed.7 minsLikeMoreClay SmithYou first.6 minsLikeMoreErik RymerHillary would have made a better Republican nominee than Trump, I’ll give her that.6 minsLikeMoreErik RymerGoing to ignore all my points and focus on get the fuck out?

Typical moron6 minsLikeMoreErik RymerOne of us is clearly right.5 minsLikeMoreClay SmithUh, huh. You’ve already proven your ability to reason is pretty limited, why continue further and make it even clearer?15 minsHahaMoreErik RymerYou’ve offered literally nothing, information wise. Because you can’t. You have nothing but “not Trump”, and it shows5 minsLikeMoreClay SmithYou aren’t making points, you’re trying to pull me into your muddleheaded weeds. Poor thing.5 minsLikeMoreErik RymerI do admire your ability to type with your head that far up your ass4 minsLikeMoreErik RymerOh ok. Too dumb to even read information given?4 minsLikeMoreErik Rymer“Look at me, I went on the tv circuit in the 90s selling DOMA to the voters, 00s talking mad shit about gay marriage going for NY, and early 2010s as SOS still talking shit about gay marriage

But naw it’s 2014 now and magically I’m LGBTs best friends”4 minsLikeMoreClay SmithYou’ve offered literally no reason why I should equate two people that are clearly different. Learn to reason, then come back with something more persuasive. Or not.4 minsLikeMoreErik Rymer“Look at me, I went on the tv circuit in the 90s selling DOMA to the voters, 00s talking mad shit about gay marriage going for NY, and early 2010s as SOS still talking shit about gay marriage

But naw it’s 2014 now and magically I’m LGBTs best friends”3 minsLikeMoreErik RymerHow about public vs private stance, which we knew, she didn’t need to be outed with stolen emails.3 minsLikeMoreClay SmithRepeating yourself doesn’t make you more persuasive, but it may mean you have ADD.3 minsLikeMoreClay SmithNot going into the weeds friend.2 minsLikeMoreErik RymerShe’s a fucking war hawk every bit as bad as Trump. 

Plenty of tangible equivalencies.2 minsLikeMoreErik RymerNo need, your head is already up your ass.2 minsLikeMoreClay SmithUh, okay.2 minsLikeMoreErik RymerYou. Have. Fucking. Nothing.2 minsLikeMoreClay SmithYeah, sure, have a good day Bernie Bro.2 minsLikeMoreErik RymerFuck Bernie. He bent over, abandoning actual progressives, took it in the mouth for the DNC and Hillary. Try again, moron.Just nowLikeReplyMoreErik RymerOne of us is so right, the other is running away, only holding “BUT IT’S NOT TRUMP TRUMP IS BAD.” grow the fuck up.Just nowLikeReplyMore

Dumbest Shit

Erik Rymer

2 hrs · Looking for examples of the left routinely protesting anything to the extent of the right, PP, Rock concerts, etc1Rachel Hathcote153 CommentsLikeCommentShare

  • Josh Barnes Wouldn’t the climate extremists be predominantly leftist? 

    This would also be of importantance I would think. or hide thisHUFFPOST.COMProtesters Disrupt D.C. Pride Parade, Hit Organizers With List Of Demands For…Protesters Disrupt D.C. Pride Parade, Hit Organizers With List Of Demands For ‘Justice’1Hide 149 Replies
    • Erik Rymer Josh Barnes there’s a difference between organized protests which both sides do, and what I’m talking about, which is a daily continual thing that’s gone on for decades nowEdit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer I just drove by the planned Parenthood on my way home and like clockwork, several people outside, holding up gore graphicsEdit or delete this
    • Josh Barnes Wouldn’t that be at least somewhat organized though? 

      And so you mean something not previously organized? Idk, that’s kind of a tough one then since the crazy far leftists need the numbers, those fuckers sure ain’t going out acting like a fool by themselves, probably get their ass beat if they did that. Lmao1Delete or hide this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken The left has an odd tendency to even tear themselves apart. It’s pretty funny how divided they are.1Delete or hide this
    • Josh Barnes Besides, I thought an actual protest was an organized event, can you give me examples of what you’re describing?Delete or hide this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken What about the constant protests at chickfila?Delete or hide this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Or the protesting of Norwegian black metal bands based off viking folklore?Delete or hide this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Everytime there is an open carry demonstration the leftists come out and call the open carriers nazis and small dicked losers.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer I’m talking about consistent, repeated, frequent protest.Edit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Chickfila1Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer What constant protest at Chick-fil-A? That lasted barely any time and only in response to them coming out against LGBT. Same with home Depot and their nonsense health policy. 

      Both were short lived.

      I’m talking about long standing, frequent, constant protests.Edit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer I live next to one and drive past others and have never once seen anybody protesting. Try againEdit or delete this
    • Active NowRachel Hathcote Aaron Michael Jauken , that’s the RightDelete or hide this
    • Josh Barnes Antifa? University students all over the place?1Delete or hide this
    • Josh Barnes Rachel Hathcote why would the right protest chic fil-a? Lol2Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer Aaron Michael Jauken antifa only shows up to events. The right does that too. Not what I’m talking about either :(Edit or delete this
    • Josh Barnes Perhaps a decent example would be certain feminist type groups protesting MRA events, maybe not all the time but often enough.Delete or hide this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Rachel Hathcote that is way off. That is the left.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer Time to Google mra eventsEdit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Erik Rymer the left picks up chickfila every couple months whenever they can’t find anything else. They went after them again after the Mueller report just recently. During Obama it was nearly all 8 years.1Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer Mountain rescue events? I don’t see anything that stands out1Edit or delete this
    • Josh Barnes Also, these ones are antifa like, not sure they are part of antifa but their actions at least seem similar, either way they are leftists protesting and not against an event.…/article%3fsection=news…Delete or hide thisKING5.COMSeattle police use new approach on protests blocking trafficSeattle police use new approach on protests blocking traffic
    • Josh Barnes Men’s rights activist/advocates…but I suspect you’re being a smart-ass. LolDelete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer Aaron Michael Jauken uh huh. So rare and sparse it doesn’t compare at all. It’s nowhere close the same thing in scope, scale, frequency, and how long it’s been going on.Edit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer Josh Barnes no I legit didn’t know. Well I now realize I’ve heard of that before but honestly that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever fucking heard so I’ll probably clean my memory of that again soon lol2Edit or delete this
    • Josh Barnes Compared to what exactly? I’m still not sure exactly what you are referencing as the “right.”Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer …….Edit or delete this
    • Erik RymerEdit or delete thisDISNEY GIF
    • Josh Barnes What I mean is, you’re giving me examples of some loony religious people who yes, happen to be on the right but that’s not descriptive of the right in general or conservatives. The leftist examples are all political or social justice/moral busybodies that are indicative of the far left which is common among them.1Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer But none of the loons on the left even go park out in front of shit constantly. Kind of my point.Edit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer Not to mention people that travel around every day, corner to corner, with GOD HATES FAGS and shit. We have those too.Edit or delete this
    • Josh Barnes No, they just block streets and harass people and cause traffic jams or disrupt college classes and lock faculty in rooms and make ridiculous demands..1Delete or hide this
    • Josh Barnes Not a nuisance at all man. 😂1Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer Not.

      And the right has done that too.Edit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer I’m talking about daily where I can just drive down and see.Edit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer For DECADESEdit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer And if you want to change the subject to protesting police brutality, sure let’s do that. All lives matter stickers make me want to fucking stab brain dead jackasses right in the throat1Edit or delete this
    • Josh Barnes It happens quite often. Maybe that’s just where you live man, I don’t live anywhere near where any of this shit happens, doesn’t mean it still doesn’t happen on a similar level. To be fair, I don’t like any of these people, regardless of politics or beliefs that do this stupid shit…Unless they of course have organized it and have permits and all that legal stuff, then it’s just their right and I couldn’t care less.1Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer Josh Barnes sigh. I feel like I’m talking in a language you just don’t understandEdit or delete this
    • Josh Barnes You asked for examples in your OP and I was only trying to oblige. 😁Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer I have yet to see a single example of what I’m talking about every in most cities across the country, you have a good chance of driving by somewhere and witnessing it.Edit or delete this
    • Josh Barnes Okay, what happens in your neck of the woods everyday?Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer You’re telling me nobody protests abortion clinics weekly to daily in your neck of the woods?Edit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer You’re telling me Rock concerts aren’t regularly protested????Edit or delete this
    • Josh Barnes Tbh I’m not sure where the nearest abortion clinic here is but I know there are some protests there and if I lived closer as others do then I’d happily mock them. As far as rock concerts go, I’ve no such memory of anything like a protest happening at one in this state. It’s possible but I’ve never heard anything.Delete or hide this
    • Josh Barnes I’m technically in the Bible belt but it’s waned over the years and people’s attitudes here are generally a live and let live kind of mentality. Sure, you get the occasional vocal self righteous types but most of us just nod and ignore the dumb fuckers and then go on about our day.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer I’ve learned where abortion clinics are because of protesters outside all over the country. Shrug.Edit or delete this
    • Active NowRachel Hathcote I thought you were talking about Chic fil being anti LGBT-Q.2Delete or hide this
    • Active NowRachel Hathcote My bad2Delete or hide this
    • Josh Barnes No worries. Lol1Delete or hide this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Leftists are constantly protesting Norwegian Black Metal. They think it has ties to racism but it’s just that Vikings were white and they sing about their folklore.2Delete or hide this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken The PP near where I live isn’t always being protestedDelete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer Aaron Michael Jauken how often do you think? I know some around here only get it on the weekendsEdit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken There were a few bands during SXSW and recently a band came through that had to delay their show for a week constantly changing venues because the venues kept kneeling to ANTIFA.Delete or hide this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Everyday the had a new venue and everyday it changed the location.Delete or hide this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Now a lot of bands are avoiding blue cities in Texas because of antifa cunts.1Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer Aaron Michael Jauken thanks, I’ll have to look that up.

      I’m honestly surprised some left group doesn’t protest every gun showEdit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken In Austin they do. It’s part of the reason I left that shithole.Delete or hide this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken I got doxxed by antifa and couldn’t even walk down the road without being harassed.Delete or hide this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Hard to be a stagehand when every gig you work has some masked kid yelling at you and trying to fight.1Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer You’re telling me you got doxxed simply because you’re a stage hand? Which band specifically?Edit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken I got doxxed because I hung out with the Proud Boys and I refused to apologize for being white and a male. I’m actually mixed race but apparently a skinny white kid can declare you’re a white racist behind a mask and the mob follows in suit. I’ve worked for a lot of bands.2Delete or hide this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken FFDP was by far my favorite to work for. They are awesome and so approachable.1Delete or hide this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Willie Nelso is a close 2nd followed by Manson and Zombie tour.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer aaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahhahahaEdit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer i would frame it like i got doxxed for being a stage hand too rofl1Edit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer wait the left protests gun shows in austin?Edit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer so many questions – why did you hang out with the proud boys? happen to know one? they good drinkers? 

      i can’t stomach hanging out with racist retards so i can’t say i’ve ever done such a thingEdit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Yeah, it’s ridiculous. They do the hands up don’t shoot thing to people walking out with new pew pews. And have all sorts of school shooting references. Oddly, no signs about the psycho pills the children were on that did the shooting.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer that’s pretty lame. considering it came out pretty fast what actually happened with the michael brown thing. (not saying it’s ok he got shot, cop was a fucking pussy lol)1Edit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Erik Rymer the leader in Austin is straight up from Mexico. Legal immigrant. They are good drinkers and they provide bodyguard service to people being harassed. They were anything but racist. They were a good mix of all races, well there was only 1 Asian dude.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer are we even tralking about the same proud boys?Edit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Yes we are.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer

      ???Edit or delete thisEN.WIKIPEDIA.ORGProud Boys – WikipediaProud Boys – Wikipedia
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken There’s always a few bad apples but they disavow anyone with racist ties.Delete or hide this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken The wikipedia isn’t well leading. If you visit their site and look at the application and the vetting process, it explains what they really are about. And racism is a hot topic and will have you on a list of non acceptance.Delete or hide this
    • Erik RymerEdit or delete thisTENOR
    • Erik Rymer this sounds an awful lot like how the KKK is this and that and isn’t racist at allEdit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken They are very picky about members. But like I said, there’s bad apples and there are people who front like members when they actually aren’t even affiliated other than they bought stuff to look like members.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer though in google image search for proud boys there sure are a lot of people mixed in.

      what about the “western culture is under siege” thing? accurate?Edit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken The KKK is racist but they also funded Hillary’s campaign. I found some crazy video on that which I’ve been trying to find again.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer hillary is racist, so of course they did1Edit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken They do think that the western world is under attack. One of the keys is that us westerners have made the world into the technological place it is today and won’t apologize for modernization of the world.1Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer who….. where…… what? who’s asking anybody to apologize for modernizing the world?Edit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Well, first would be 3rd wave feminism.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer ……………….Edit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer how did we just leap across multiple topics to fucking feminism of all things, when talking about technology??Edit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Men found electricity, invented computers, clocks, internet, cell phones…Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer …………Edit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken The modern man is under attackDelete or hide this
    • Erik RymerEdit or delete thisPlay-0:31Additional Visual SettingsEnter FullscreenUnmute
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken And I understand to a certain extent as to what they mean by that.Delete or hide this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Middle Eastern countries do not like a lot of advancements we have made and don’t want to end up like Sweden which is now the rape capital of the world after allowing all those refugees in. Having areas you can’t enter if you’re not Muslim and their own Muslim police force.1Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer i couldn’t even be bothered to brush my beard before recording that because ….. what the fuck did you drink while with those proud boys? that’s the dumbest fucking thing i’ve ever heard


    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken To an extent men do. Unless a woman lies about birth control and keeps a baby so you’re forced into servitude for 18 years or you can go to prison.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer oh christEdit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Men get heavier sentences for the same crime with the same record. Men have higher suicide rate. There’s only a handful of crisis centers for men even if being abused in a relationship.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer ……. because the rampant cases of women holding men in abusive relationships?Edit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Less likely to be believed in a rape case or a domestic disputeDelete or hide this
    • Erik RymerEdit or delete thisPlay0:00Additional Visual SettingsHDEnter FullscreenUnmute
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken I’ll say this as far as abusive relationships. I’ve been beaten up by multiple girlfriends and never struck back because I was taught not to. If I did, I would’ve gone to jail while she would’ve gotten government support.1Delete or hide this
    • Erik RymerEdit or delete thisPlay0:00Additional Visual SettingsHDEnter FullscreenUnmute
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken There’s also a group called the Proud Boys’ Girls. They believe in the traditional relationship of men and women.1Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer well good for them. they’ve found a way to live back in the early 1900s.Edit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer I wonder if they make the blacks go to their own bathrooms and use different drinking fountains?Edit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Without the racist undertones, yes. They aren’t the 1900 Democrats.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer yep. very good. the early 1900 democrats were conservative. glad you’re paying attention.Edit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer i mean, they’re conservative now, but left as hell compared to how much further the right has gone the last 8 years. thanks, obama.Edit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken The Democrats that fought for segregation, very against that ideology.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer yep. that was when they were conservatives. very good.Edit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Obama really made race relations a focus and did way more damage than goodDelete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer yeah. better when it was kept under the rug, eh?Edit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer trump amplified it. what’s next?Edit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken I was watching some old 80’s comedies like Airplane and they joked about stereotypes without triggering people. Now we walk on egg shellsDelete or hide this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken The Jerk is a prime example.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer uhhh, no. now people are emboldened to say whatever the fuck they want.Edit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken People would flip out if that was coming out these days.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer sure people are sensitive but you can’t tell me you haven’t noticed racists and retards are empowered by trump and feel like they can just yell whatever retarded shit they want at those damn colored peopleEdit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer it’s rather shocking. i thought it was crazy when obama got elected and racist fucks came out of the woodwork. nothing like what i’ve seen the last couple years.Edit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer i know arizona was a confederate state but god DAMN the flags multiplied in 2017Edit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer i must add – i’m glad they can fly the flags. i hope it stays legal. i like them marking themselves with a big x above their heads.Edit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Because people don’t like to be told what they can and can’t have. I know a bunch of Mexicans and blacks that bought Confederate flags just because it was the hot topic.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer i know some too. at least those know what the civil war was about and aren’t pretending like it’s some southern pride bullshit.Edit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer and they damn well understand when people see that and think what i and anybody with a spark of intellect think when they see people bumbling around with that flag flying.Edit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer trump sticker, confederate flag, blue lives matter sticker – trifecta on the back of a car lolEdit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken What’s wrong with caring about police lives? While there are bad apples not all police are bad.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer because it was born out of all lives matter. those stickers were nowhere before that. and that’s fucking bullshit.Edit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken What’s wrong with a Trump sticker? His first actions actually helped the black community immensely. He did more than Obama within 30 days of taking office.1Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer jesus christ rofl, you’re a cutie-pieEdit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken But the BLM movement started off of a false narrative.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer ? do explain how you think it started off of a false narrativeEdit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Hands up don’t shoot. When the kid clearly went for the officer’s gun.1Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer oh, today i learned black lives matter was able to make press releases about what happened in ferguson and sent people down to ferguson to help, but they started out of fergusonEdit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer doesn’t surprise me you don’t know simple shit like how and when and why black lives matter started, if you think trump did more than obama (or anybody lol) the first 30 days in office.Edit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken He did, look it up.Delete or hide this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken…/president-donald-j-trumps…/Delete or hide thisWHITEHOUSE.GOVPresident Donald J. Trump’s Policies are Delivering…President Donald J. Trump’s Policies are Delivering Record-Breaking Economic Results for African Americans
    • Erik Rymer i’m well aware of the claims vs. factsEdit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer i don’t have the time or the deoderant to bother arguing with any retarded fucking trump or hillary supporters. i fantasize, actively, still, that i wake up one day and magically every single person who voted for trump or hillary mysteriously died in their sleep

      let’s focus on BLM, shall weEdit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken…/ct-perspec-race-trump…Delete or hide thisCHICAGOTRIBUNE.COMTrump’s real record on race may surprise youTrump’s real record on race may surprise you
    • Erik Rymer repeat: not going into donny dumpEdit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer you can jerk off about that bullshit on your own timeEdit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer are you aware of the aftermath of ferguson where anons doxxed a couple thousand KKK members that were in city and state government and law enforcement? there WAS a problem there, even though the trigger there was a lie about his hands being up and that pussy cop killing him instead of restraining him or otherwise waiting for backup

      city/state/countyEdit or delete this
    • Active NowAaron Michael Jauken Oh and I forgot about the Zimmerman case for BLM. The false narrative to that was that Zimmerman was actually half white half mexican. But media seemed to ignore that.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer who gives a fuck? he followed a kid after being told not to, in a truck, then on foot, and the kid ended up shot.

      fuck zimmerman.Edit or delete this
    • Aaron Michael Jauken Well, I was correcting myself. That’s when it started.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer yep. it was.Edit or delete this
    • Aaron Michael Jauken I’m all for actually tackling down real racists. That goes for racists of all races.Delete or hide this
    • Erik Rymer it’s too bad racists like zimmerman get off on technicalities.Edit or delete this
    • Erik Rymer we’re quite far from the point here, so i’m going to have to go play fallout and quit taking part in this terrible conversationEdit or delete this


E M P T Y H O P E . C O M


On one hand, the neighbor that got robbed DOES live diagonally through two buildings away from here. So I don’t know why I expected to find anything noteworthy across multiple days of recordings on three cameras…… but I tried…

I really hoped it would be useful but so far, not to anybody but the wife going “what the hell was all that noise outside at X time?” (turns out a dude was using a sledge hammer on a drain cover to get it open, then sprayed out inside lol)

Once Upon a Crazy

Last weekend I was confiding in somebody who I had observed to be understanding. A piece of information had come to my attention which was contrary to an assumption I had made – making them relatable to the topic. Especially after I found out they were in a similar situation which I observed as seeming favorable.

Now, while their situation was not what I am dealing with or wish to deal with at all, it was a highly advanced version of what I was thinking about talking about. So I figured, everything lines up, should be a chill discussion.

Almost immediately, what was said was blown out of context and well beyond proportion. Just as suddenly as the conversation started, they blocked me.

It baffles me how people confuse or simply don’t understand the difference of appreciating the beauty of the moon, and wanting to try and travel there. It’s simple and wonderful to have the chance to see a full moon, or a harvest moon, or blood moon. It’s good to be aware of your surroundings, and the wondrous sights you can be exposed to.

I traveled the country briefly and took many thousands of photographs of the various landscapes and skylines, plants and animals. I paint and create graphical art in photoshop, and have made the art for all of my music and text related releases. I see things, good and bad.

Then I checked their page from an alternate account, curious what nightmares I might find after the explosive one-sided conversation. And sure enough, there it was. Sharing the few paragraphs of commentary, followed by pages and pages of craziness and vastly incorrect interpretations.

Worst of all, they talked about the law and bringing CPS in because I can’t be a father if my brain is like “this.” “this,” being their far fetched fantasy extraction from what had actually been said. I showed my wife and several friends and all of them laughed and said “that’s ridiculous. don’t worry about that, it’s stupid.” Well, they were right. It was ridiculous. It was stupid. It was laughably untrue from top to bottom.

However, that didn’t comfort me at all. The cops said “they would look into it” though considering they barely have time to look into actual tangible robberies – another of which happened Tuesday night in the building next to us – they’re not going to flip somebody’s life around rooting for shit based on a couple paragraphs of nothing text.

CPS, on the other hand, I do not trust at all. They’ve gone insane in the past, taking multiple children away just with verbal commentary from no more than three people, launching entire families into turmoil with court, appearing to do whatever they want regardless of what anybody in the family says.

Worry about it, I did. All day Sunday and Monday. I was wound up tight. I’ve given up huge sections of my life to try my hardest and give as much time and focus as i possibly can, in order to try and be the best father I can be to Lily. The last thing I need is a few paragraphs over a social media messenger to fuck all that up over something that was entirely misunderstood.

One thing they mentioned was telling neighbors, which is assinine. Tell them what? Something that Beth and I can clear up in a couple minutes of conversation? Are they that sure about their misconception that they’re willing to drop dollars on printing, or time writing, whatever crazy shit they think they need to say to however many neighbors they think they need to try and send it to to make sure they hit everybody they think needs to know?

The topic was involving somebody who lives several buildings away from me. There’s almost no chance they’re going to mail an entire complex and luck into them. Most likely just cause a lot of drama and discomfort between immediate neighbors I already know and talk to on a regular basis. I even give everybody in my building access to the cameras I put up outside so they can also see what’s going on outside. Cameras, which by the way, I talked to the neighbors about before putting up in case it made any of them uncomfortable. Somebody in my building was robbed, so that happened. Now we have some sort of a window to look back through and see if anything strange is going on.

Anyway, I’m pretty over it now, but felt just irritated enough to dump this here.

Have a great week, strangers, acquaintances and friends.


There’s a homeless (I assume?) person who set up camp across the canal from us. The only other neighbor in this building on the canal side, I’ve given my phone number to twice so we can info share and they’ve never texted me. Last few times I’ve stopped by to share info, it’s seemed like I was intruding so I just stopped all together. I assume the middle child can see the tent from their window, so I assume they’re aware. Assume. That word.

In my experience the vast majority of homeless just want to be left alone where they try to set up camp. So I don’t really worry about it. I’ve been watching the camera triggers closely since I saw the tent pop up and I’ve seen nothing at all other than neighbors, cleaning crews and the usual shit. So, shrug. I’ll keep aware, anyway. The fucking cameras are buggy shitbeards but they’re doing the minimal, so far..

anti-vaccine LOL

Devon Evans

3 hrs · 

I encourage you to become vaccine literate. Research until you can answer all/ most of these questions. These are the dangerous questions you aren’t supposed to ask. How many of these can u answer. ❤️(from Jean Roorda)
🔥Post answers in comments

1. Name 5 vaccine ingredients.
2. What is MRC-5?
3. What is WI-38?
4. What is vaccine court?
5. What is the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program?
6. What is the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act?
7. How has the CDC schedule changed since 1986?
8. How much money has been paid out by vaccine injury court?
9. How many doses of how many vaccines are in the CDC schedule between birth and age 18?
10. Do vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue? If so, which vaccines? And how many aborted babies were needed before they found one with the virus necessary to create the vaccine?
11. Do any vaccines contain dog, monkey, pig, and human DNA?
12. What is an adjuvant?
13. What is an antigen?
14. Which arm of the immune system do vaccines stimulate?
15. Which arms of the immune system do natural diseases stimulate?
16. What is transverse myelitis?
17. What is encephalopathy?
18. What is the rate of autism in 2018, what was it in 2000? What was it in 1990?
19. What is glyphosate and is it in vaccines?
20. If your child is injured, who will take physical, emotional, and financial responsibility?
21. What was the Supreme Court’s statement on vaccines in 2011?
22. Can you provide a study showing vaccinated vs. unvaccinated health outcomes?
23. Can you show me a safety study proving it is safe to inject multiple vaccines?
24. What is shedding?
25. Do vaccines shed? Which vaccines can shed for up to 6 weeks?
26. Which vaccines are live virus vaccines?
27. What is the VICP?
28. What is SV40?
29. What is MTHFR (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) and what is mitochondrial dysfunction?
30. What is an acceptable amount of aluminum to ingest per day and how much is injected via the hep B vaccine on day one of life? 
31. Can someone who was vaccinated for pertussis still spread pertussis after being exposed to it? If so, for how long?
32. What is the death rate from measles in the US from 2005-2019?Death from the MMR vaccine in same time frame?
33. What does attenuated mean? 
34. Where can I find information about vaccines?
35. Are there vaccine consent forms?
36. Can the vial stopper cause allergic reaction?
37. Can there be serious reactions to vaccines? 
38. What Vaccines are studied for mutagenic or carcinogenic potential?
39. Is there any compensation for physicians who have a certain percentage of their patients vaccinated?
40. Can vaccines cause SIDS?
41. Did vaccines eradicate Polio?
42. Is vaccinating against the Christian Faith?

bonus: how many of these questions did you know without having to research them?606038 Comments11 SharesLikeCommentShare

  • Melissa Weiss-Conner Love this! I’m going to use this for my learning. Thanks!1Hide or report this
  • Kay Collins Green Thank you. I got 23 of them. Researching the rest3Hide or report thisWrite a reply…
  • Breeauna Sagdal This is soooo good!2Hide or report this
  • Ashley Banks Thank you!!2Hide or report this
  • Heidi Renee Thank you for bringing light to this issue!1Hide or report this
  • Karen Harris Jill Zurovsky Hawkins this is a good list of questions!2Hide or report this
  • Karen Harris Thank you Devon Evans!1Hide or report this
  • Active NowErik Smith if only people asked this deep of questions into foods they ate and tap water, air in their cities …..

    …… i mean, they typically won’t, but if they did some would try to move out to the middle of nowhere lolHide or report this
  • Active NowErik Smith the last question literally made me laugh loudly. christian faith rofl, has nothing to do with thisHide or report this
    • Trillium Quinn Erik Smith I’m confused by this. Do you know the answers to #2 and #3? Religious convictions often have a lot to do with what people put into their bodies! In addition to other non religious convictions, of course.Hide or report this
    • Active NowErik Smith I do. I knew before I saw this.Hide or report this
    • Melissa Anne Phillips Actually, for me, it does. The idea that vaccine research has used aborted babies and aborted fetal cells are listed as ingredients is problematic (among a whole list of other problems). I have heard that the Catholic church has said it is a necessary evil and okayed them; however, the Catholic Church is not my moral compass. 

      Comments like this can alienate people. Let’s be kind.1Hide or report this
    • Active NowErik Smith Comments like yours can absolutely alienate people, as well. I’ll be honest as possible. 

      Not all vaccine research has used aborted babies and aborted fetal cells. Your generalization that all have is very problematic. But, that’s par for the course in anti-anything propaganda.Hide or report this
    • Active NowErik Smith Admit it. People will twist whatever they want in their faith or lack of faith to do or not do whatever they do or don’t want to do. It’s a moot point.Hide or report this
    • Active NowErik Smith My mom is a cruel, terrible person – and I’ve never met my dad. So I’ll pay attention to a long list of things before I pay attention to my creators.Hide or report this
    • Active NowErik Smith Melissa Anne Phillips I commend you never using jets to travel. You know, since countless thousands of slaves were forced to work on factories and laboratories for the Nazis, where the technology was developed, tested, produced and eventually Mass manufactured. Surely your heart wouldn’t allow you to take part in such things, on the blood of so many that actually lived lives. Since you take that stance on fetuses, which never had lives.

      Must be vegan, too. Good for you!Hide or report this
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  • Andrea U’Ren Can we send this to our dear elected officials?2Hide or report this
  • Christopher Sloan Martin Damn good questions!1Hide or report this
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  • Brian Price Can you make this a google document for us to provide answers to?1Hide or report this
    • Devon Evans Brian Price how do you do that? I am not very technologically savvy ☺️Hide or report this
    • Brian Price Devon Evans I am not sure either. Maybes someone in our group does. 😬1Hide or report this
    • Active NowErik Smith the honest questions to most of these answers would render the whole thing annoying to people who want people against vaccines.Hide or report this
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  • Ann Tomoko Rosen Well look at you go! Are these your questions?1Hide or report thisWrite a reply…
  • Erik Rymer Seriously – PPM isn’t included on this? No mentions of chemistry and why certain chemicals are used and what they become through the process? 

    OOGA BOOGA SCARE TACTICS!Edit or delete this
Erik Rymer

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You Can’t Make This Up

I just don’t even

I’ve been in sexual relationships where we wake each-other up for sex. And I’ve definitely been like, no not right now, and gone back to sleep, when sex had already been initiated while I was asleep. And had the same in reverse. Even though we stopped when the other said no, the sex already happened, so by this definition that’s rape. I think this definition is as laughably ridiculous as many legal definitions that have fucked over people who should have won cases, because reality isn’t so cut and dry. That’s not rape. So many arguments and examples why that’s fucking stupid I can’t even pick one, so …. closing this. lol.