Pinnacle Dumb, Part 1

Bobbie J Garman

Yesterday at 8:41 PM 路 How many friends have you lost today if you are Pro-life? Just curious. I lost 2 today. Maybe more after this post.4You and 3 others51 CommentsHahaComment

  • Adam Zuwala You will never lose me, Methuselah1Hide or report this
  • Sam Marie Nolt You鈥檒l never lose me! 
    PROLIFE DOR LIFE 馃挋馃懀1Hide or report this
  • Jon Hoskins I’ve a “unfriended” extension on my laptop & it’s been going off all damn day. 馃槅Hide or report this
  • Tyler Sheppard It all depends on the situation and circumstance… the world is not black and white but many shades of grey.Hide or report this
  • Erik Smith I’m pro death, forget life or choice. Wait are you pro life, like, normal? Or brain damaged psychotic rape victims have to keep their babies? There’s as big of a difference between brain damage crazy and pro life, as there is between pro choice and pro death :)Edit or delete this
  • Erik Smith But either way I don’t unfriend people for things I think are crazy or moronic. I think all humans, including myself, are completely fucked, just hiding it better or worse. So that would leave me very alone lolEdit or delete this
  • Bobbie J GarmanHide or report thisGIPHY
  • Bobbie J Garman That is a 19 week and they still abort up to 20 in some places. So sad!!!!!Hide or report thisHide 39 Replies
    • Erik Smith Bobbie J Garman what about my questions?Edit or delete this
    • Bobbie J Garman Some of the bills exclude rape and risk to mothers health. Depending on which state.Hide or report this
    • Bobbie J Garman Georgia excluded rape and health risks to mother.Hide or report this
    • Bobbie J Garman Alabama tried to put that in but was rejected, so I don’t know if they can come back to that and fix it.Hide or report this
    • Erik Smith Ok but that doesn’t tell me anything about what you thinkEdit or delete this
    • Erik Smith Do you think it’s cool to force rape victims to carry?Edit or delete this
    • Bobbie J Garman Oh. IM PRO-Life. I was told to terminate my 3rd pregnancy due to me dying but i wanted to give my baby a chance at life.1Hide or report this
    • Erik Smith Yes that’s pretty clear you’re pro life so you’re saying you think rape victims should carry then?Edit or delete this
    • Bobbie J Garman Erik Smith depends on the rape. If its your husband yes. If you are really young and its a stranger etc. No.Hide or report this
    • Bobbie J Garman If you are raped that baby is still the womans blood too. I’d overcome it and save my baby. Sometimes you cant be selfish. What was dealt was dealt. Push through the pregnancy, decide after holding your baby if you want to mother it or give up for adoption. That’s my opinion. Bad things happen all the time. Its definitely not the babies fault. Why is the womans life more important?1Hide or report this
    • Bobbie J Garman But that’s irrelevant because they are trying to pass the exclusion if you are raped you can have an abortion. So……why the questions?Hide or report this
    • Erik Smith Bobbie J Garman Jesus lol. You understand how DNA works right? Genes?Edit or delete this
    • Erik Smith Because I’m just trying to understand degrees. Not everybody is so head in the sand black and white :)Edit or delete this
    • Bobbie J Garman Of course i understand DNA. The mother still has every right to adopt the baby out. There is a long list of people waiting for a baby.1Hide or report this
    • Bobbie J Garman One of the things a woman could try all these years was the Plan B pill. Or get their tubes tied.Hide or report this
    • Bobbie J Garman Too many are using abortion as a form of birth control.Hide or report this
    • Erik Smith Bobbie J Garman though I find it futile, I do try to understand people when I get the chance to ask questionsEdit or delete this
    • Bobbie J Garman Abortions also pose a health risk to the mother. Infections and becoming sterile.Hide or report this
    • Erik Smith It also has the rapist genes and dna. Get it? Think about that much? A lot of mental and behavior travels through that. It’s not all taught.Edit or delete this
    • Erik Smith I don’t unfriend people for crazy crazy stuff but I do enjoy observing from a safe distance. No unfriending here1Edit or delete this
    • Bobbie J Garman Have you been raped? Got pregnant? I’ve been raped several times. If I would have gotten pregnant I would have still loved MY baby. The bastard who did it could fall off the earth for all I care.Hide or report this
    • Erik Smith Yeah so let’s spread the bastards genes and permit it to duplicate

      Please for the love of God and all that is remotely thought out, look into behavior and negative thought patterns passing forward through genes and dna without ever been introduced to the parent with the negative shit.Edit or delete this
    • Bobbie J Garman Besides, I’ve seen more love coming from a step parent who stepped up then the bio dad planty of times!Hide or report this
    • Erik Smith Nothing to do with how well they were raisedEdit or delete this
    • Bobbie J Garman That is no different then the man nextdoor getting his wife pregnant on purpose. Do you realize how many Psychological problems there are in people. Ones who seem like a normal Joe schmoe. How do you stop that?Hide or report this
    • Erik Smith Well one way is aborting. 

      I don’t think we’re having the same conversation.Edit or delete this
    • Erik Smith I’m talking about genetics and traits passed down. We know this happens. I’m not talking about random Joe shmoe developing negative shit. Two totally different conversationsEdit or delete this
    • Bobbie J Garman No. We are not. I stating that a married couple could have just as much if not worse of a mental problem and have kids. Psychological issues don’t always pass on.Hide or report this
    • Erik Smith I don’t think you have a clue. But ok.Edit or delete this
    • Erik Smith That last comment was riddled with provably inaccurate statements. But ok.Edit or delete this
    • Bobbie J Garman Hahaha…I study molecular Biology and evolutionary biology like there’s no tomorrow.1Hide or report this
    • Erik Smith Yet you clearly don’t grasp itEdit or delete this
    • Bobbie J Garman Omg, a man who rapes someone is not necessarily going to pass that on to his baby.1Hide or report this
    • Erik Smith That alarms me if you actually study it and have zero understanding of the behavior and psychological carriersEdit or delete this
    • Bobbie J Garman Im saying there’s more of a chance a happy married couple would give birth to a child w a mental disorder. Besides, rape resulting in pregnancy is very very very low.1Hide or report this
    • Erik Smith Hey, ignorance is BlissEdit or delete this
    • Bobbie J Garman You are twisting shit. Reread. Oh and child is more likely to inherit the genes when the mother is psychopathic, rather than the father due to some studies.1Hide or report this
    • Bobbie J Garman The rape thing you keep talking about is irrelevant at the moment until it is passed that they can’t have an abortion. Georgia passed for rape victims to be aloud, and healt risks to the mother as well. As far as Alabama, all I know is they were trying to get the rape and health issues excluded from the law so abortions would be legal at that point, same as Georgia. I haven’t read up on Ohio’s and the others yet.Hide or report this
    • Bobbie J Garman So, my argument is for the 98.5% who want abortions to be stopped. Not the rape, health, or incest 1.5% I understand that soooooo……you can stop trying to push the rape crap when I’ve said I understand why some would do it. It still sucks a baby gets ripped apart when it’s not their fault.Hide or report this
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  • Bobbie J Garman I remember reading a study that 1 in 100 are Psychopaths and 1 in 25 are Sociopaths. Of course these numbers would vary considering not everyone is going to take part. But alot of times Psychopathic genes skip around 3 generations or sometimes aren’t ever present at all in a child that had a Psychotic relative. It really just all depends. You can not say if someone is raped the baby will be Psychotic.Hide or report this
  • Bobbie J Garman Such a weak argument and pregnancy resulting from rape or incest is around 1.5%.Hide or report this

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