Jodi Cozad

Jodi Cozad Omg murder is murder.
If your fucking pregnant there is a life inside you!! 
Go back to biology class!!!!3Delete or hide this

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  • Erik SmithEdit or delete this
  • Erik Smith Jodi CozadEdit or delete this
  • Erik Smith “👏 I’m just here to post shit not argue with you🤣”

    But for the record, I’m very much against abortion if they can’t figure out to get it done before the child turns 18 years old2Edit or delete this
  • Jodi Cozad Erik– I’m not offended. Just laugh the logic…
    you guys think 6 wks is different than 9 wks…🤣
    no your still a human at 1 year vs 30 years… just like your still a human at 6wks gestation or 9 wks🤦🏼‍♀️
    Quit trying to rationalize that your okay with murder of even the most innocent.1Delete or hide this
  • Jodi Cozad Erik– so having a conversation is arguing?! You can unfriend if you have a problem with me calling out your logic1Delete or hide this
  • Erik Smith I commend you vegans. I couldn’t live like that.Edit or delete this
  • Erik Smith I don’t know what you think I’m rationalizing considering I literally said I’m ok with parents killing there kids up to 18 years old.

    Does your stone cold logic killing procedure include throwing text against the wall without even reading the comments of the person who’s logic you’re correcting?Edit or delete this
  • Erik Smith I’m for the death penalty. I’m team nuclear winter. A lot will be murdered instantly with each nuclear bomb explosion.

    Not sure you’ve gotten yourself into a conversation you want to be in.2Edit or delete this
  • Erik Smith Jodi Cozad Just a laugh react? Not continuing the “conversation” even though your initial comment was pure argument, with a few touches of insults?Edit or delete this
  • Erik Smith I wasn’t even going to approach arguing that you think a parasite that can’t even be kept alive on a modern machine for MONTHS after the point we’re discussing, considering you pro-lifers and your delusional craziness

    but, let’s address my views on murder at least. Come ooooon, let us “converse”Edit or delete this
  • Erik Smith I also support the right to own guns. Though the 2nd amendment’s purpose is laughable and out of date – arguably useless now.

    guns. tools of murder. i love my guns. 

    Your love of life sure shines!Edit or delete this
  • Erik Smith Mmmm, delicious cow and chicken flesh.Edit or delete this
  • Erik Smith I’ll address another of your comment points – 1 year vs. 30 years

    machines can keep you alive at 1 year old. at 30 years old. 

    machines aren’t going to keep any fetus alive at even 4 months. any baby born 6 months along is almost certainly going to die. Let us discuss logic.Edit or delete this
  • Erik Smith How am I logically supposed to care about a parasite that can’t be kept alive by a machine? I masturbate. That’s millions of sperm, every single one of which could have instead been frozen, used to fertilize an egg with modern procedures – That is millions of deaths, every single time I masturbate. It is pretty rare, but I’ve squeezed off three times in a day before.

    What about all of those potential lives? I don’t give a fuck about any of them. Do you? It’s awful close to the pro-life argument, my sperm I spill. That’s in the bible, you know. God hates spilling of seed. Should we legislate against that, too?Edit or delete this
  • Erik Smith Do you allow your eggs to be flushed out during your period? Or do you have them removed before they can be flushed out, and frozen? They have the potential for life. Are you wasting eggs? What if that egg would have housed a sperm that grew up to cure cancer? You’re not killing all those potential people by not saving the eggs, are you?Edit or delete this
  • Erik Smith I look forward to a nice, calm, logic focused discussion on murder with you.Edit or delete this

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