Bullshit: Easily Spotted

This meme came up in front of me today. I thought ………… but thousands upon thousands of people are coming up through mexico. How could they have such a seemingly impenetrable wall if so many caravans are just rolling through? I wanted to peek under the rug at this nonsense looking meme.

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I made this image quick to slap up in a response:

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The length of the border is strikingly smaller, first of all. secondly, the very first place i zoomed in on the border? empty of any kind of a wall. plus, a road rolling right on through. So I wanted to keep scrolling and see if I could even locate a point where there is a wall.

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nope no wall here

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nope, still none yet

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took this screenshot, then scrolled in to double check and nope still no wall the whole length of the screenshot.

Look! I found what looks like checkpoints on a road clear down south!

No fence, but I mean, hey, look, looks like a checkpoint of some sort on the mexican side. Neat! Let’s keep looking, because I’m curious and bored.

as I scroll north starting from the pacific and going up towards the gulf, I mean, that river in the screenshot just above, it’s kind of a natural border? looks shallow as fuck but I mean, yay? lol

LOOK!!!! I FOUND ANOTHER PORT OF ENTRY WHERE IT LOOKS LIKE THERE IS A CHECKPOINT!!!! very poorly fenced but I mean, I found one!

no fence on top of this cool ass volcano but i mean, cross there dudes go for it i’m sure anybody would say lol

border goes right through the middle here, top left center to bottom right center, no fence here either. road, though. no fence found browsing around in any direction either, no checkpoints.


zoomed way into this beautiful wide open area, nope. none in any direction

town straddling the line, no fences anywhere or checkpoints …… i’m getting bored

nope ….

nope …

nope ….

nope ..

dropped a pin to see how far i am. going to zip through and look at populated areas only and ignore the wilderness. no fences at all so far, certainly no guard towers. so i’ll see if i can find any examples at all




heavily populated area … nothing to be found anywhere, on any side of the town and certainly not across the border


bored wilderness check … nope


nope …

nope …

progress … not a sign … let me flip and go to the other side where chetumal is …

that’s belize but whatever, still nope

mabe across this huge northern field!? surely those leeches parade through there to find a wall!

nope …

unlikely, tons of trees …. no towers …

nope, clearing, all clear, no wall, no fence, no towers …

if it weren’t for the mark on the map i wouldn’t even know where the damn border was ..

got distracted by this mexican town layout. neat.

maybe there is a wall here let me zoom closer and see

maybe the pesky labels are in the way

nope… bushes are casting shadows, so a wall would cast a shadow …. no wall ..

back to a natural barrier. how sad. and boring.

Not seeing any bridges as I wind down the river, which surprises me…. but hey, border FUCKING BORDER BRO, HAVE TO HAVE A BORDER, NO BORDER NO COUNTRY

ok, i’m almost back to where i started coming in from the pacific and i haven’t seen more than a couple checkpoints on major roads. not a single fence or wall i could spot, no matter how far you zoom in. and for comparison, let’s look at some u.s. / mexico shit that’s real fuck easy to spot

alright let us zoom in and see if we can see shit… surely i’m being silly and walls are all over all the mexico/guatemala screenshots, just can’t make them out at that angle.

to be fair, here’s a m/g border at 100 feet, going to do the same zoom, see bottom right corner for scale

yup. obvious border fence.

yup. check the shadow. check the access road.

oops forgot to put the scale bottom right, there you go, still going by that, i’ll keep going

yep …

out in the middle of nowhere, still a half ass fence

very visible half ass fence.


ok i’m bored.

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