Once Upon a Crazy

Last weekend I was confiding in somebody who I had observed to be understanding. A piece of information had come to my attention which was contrary to an assumption I had made – making them relatable to the topic. Especially after I found out they were in a similar situation which I observed as seeming favorable.

Now, while their situation was not what I am dealing with or wish to deal with at all, it was a highly advanced version of what I was thinking about talking about. So I figured, everything lines up, should be a chill discussion.

Almost immediately, what was said was blown out of context and well beyond proportion. Just as suddenly as the conversation started, they blocked me.

It baffles me how people confuse or simply don’t understand the difference of appreciating the beauty of the moon, and wanting to try and travel there. It’s simple and wonderful to have the chance to see a full moon, or a harvest moon, or blood moon. It’s good to be aware of your surroundings, and the wondrous sights you can be exposed to.

I traveled the country briefly and took many thousands of photographs of the various landscapes and skylines, plants and animals. I paint and create graphical art in photoshop, and have made the art for all of my music and text related releases. I see things, good and bad.

Then I checked their page from an alternate account, curious what nightmares I might find after the explosive one-sided conversation. And sure enough, there it was. Sharing the few paragraphs of commentary, followed by pages and pages of craziness and vastly incorrect interpretations.

Worst of all, they talked about the law and bringing CPS in because I can’t be a father if my brain is like “this.” “this,” being their far fetched fantasy extraction from what had actually been said. I showed my wife and several friends and all of them laughed and said “that’s ridiculous. don’t worry about that, it’s stupid.” Well, they were right. It was ridiculous. It was stupid. It was laughably untrue from top to bottom.

However, that didn’t comfort me at all. The cops said “they would look into it” though considering they barely have time to look into actual tangible robberies – another of which happened Tuesday night in the building next to us – they’re not going to flip somebody’s life around rooting for shit based on a couple paragraphs of nothing text.

CPS, on the other hand, I do not trust at all. They’ve gone insane in the past, taking multiple children away just with verbal commentary from no more than three people, launching entire families into turmoil with court, appearing to do whatever they want regardless of what anybody in the family says.

Worry about it, I did. All day Sunday and Monday. I was wound up tight. I’ve given up huge sections of my life to try my hardest and give as much time and focus as i possibly can, in order to try and be the best father I can be to Lily. The last thing I need is a few paragraphs over a social media messenger to fuck all that up over something that was entirely misunderstood.

One thing they mentioned was telling neighbors, which is assinine. Tell them what? Something that Beth and I can clear up in a couple minutes of conversation? Are they that sure about their misconception that they’re willing to drop dollars on printing, or time writing, whatever crazy shit they think they need to say to however many neighbors they think they need to try and send it to to make sure they hit everybody they think needs to know?

The topic was involving somebody who lives several buildings away from me. There’s almost no chance they’re going to mail an entire complex and luck into them. Most likely just cause a lot of drama and discomfort between immediate neighbors I already know and talk to on a regular basis. I even give everybody in my building access to the cameras I put up outside so they can also see what’s going on outside. Cameras, which by the way, I talked to the neighbors about before putting up in case it made any of them uncomfortable. Somebody in my building was robbed, so that happened. Now we have some sort of a window to look back through and see if anything strange is going on.

Anyway, I’m pretty over it now, but felt just irritated enough to dump this here.

Have a great week, strangers, acquaintances and friends.

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