There’s a homeless (I assume?) person who set up camp across the canal from us. The only other neighbor in this building on the canal side, I’ve given my phone number to twice so we can info share and they’ve never texted me. Last few times I’ve stopped by to share info, it’s seemed like I was intruding so I just stopped all together. I assume the middle child can see the tent from their window, so I assume they’re aware. Assume. That word.

In my experience the vast majority of homeless just want to be left alone where they try to set up camp. So I don’t really worry about it. I’ve been watching the camera triggers closely since I saw the tent pop up and I’ve seen nothing at all other than neighbors, cleaning crews and the usual shit. So, shrug. I’ll keep aware, anyway. The fucking cameras are buggy shitbeards but they’re doing the minimal, so far..

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